Saturday, May 3, 2014

What I Made This Week: April 27 - May 3

I really didn't finish anything up this week. I crocheted for like a day, then had to stop to deal with house stuff. I managed to get some bunny parts done, but I really want to hold of on showing those until they are all put together. Only finished one headscarf, so I think I'll just hold off on that and show it off with next week's photo.

Some jewelry will be arriving soon. I finally found the box that had my good pliers in them, so I've been playing around with my rings and beads again. Some earrings will be coming as soon as I get an area set up in my bedroom that I can work at after the kids go to bed. I've got the idea set up in a plastic organizer box, but I can't really work on it when the kids could suddenly run up and jump on me. Just imagining all the jump rings and beads flying makes me cringe.

I will have project updates on Wednesday. Have a great weekend!

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