Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday's WIPs: May 28

Because I have been taking a break from crocheting this week, I do not have any crochet WIPs. I do, however, have some writing WIPs that I am working on.

Currently, I am working on polishing up "The Music Box" and "Pap" so that I can send them out for publication hopefully sometime around September. I'm also working on what will hopefully be the final whole story revision of "Falling Up" (also known as "Mornington Pier" for all you people who have been reading my stuff for years. Oh yes, that dreaded story...) This will be the last time the entire storyline will change, and I will be polishing it and sending it out hopefully around Christmas.

Novel-wise, I am working on starting drafts of the chapters of The Fire Child, and I'm writing out brief outlines of the two sequels to The Fire Child that do not have names yet, and a book farther down the timeline that this series takes place in that is called The Golden Child.

Those are my WIPs for the week. I'll be crocheting again soon. Just needed a break because I was going color-blind from working on so many different things.

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