Monday, March 10, 2014

What I Made This Week -- March 2 - 8

I actually didn't crochet much this week.  I spent most of it cleaning up little organizational messes that have been piling up since we moved here.  I had access to everything, but it was literally piled up wherever I could find a spot that would hold it.  And only about half of it had been photographed.  So I was working on that this week.

It's still in a few piles here and there, but it has been packaged and labeled so that I do at least know what is in each box.  I have pictures of all the items, but I think I may have to retake some of them because the lighting was really bad on some of them.  And I have a running inventory that is completely current and actually typed up for a change.

I've joined the 21st century on databases!  Yay!

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