Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekly Plans: March 2 - March 8

Just a quick drop-in to write this.  I was going to do this several hours ago, but I got caught up with the kids and that was the end of it all.  LOL

I have a few small plans for The Chickadee Tree this week, mostly centered around organizing.  I have several skeins of cotton that I want to finish crocheting into coasters, washcloths, and the like.  I also have a brown and gold-flecked shawl that I would like to finish up this week.

Organization-wise, I would like to get new photos of a large portion of my items, update a few items in my product database, and find a nice safe home for all of my finished items until they are sold.  Currently, they are in cardboard boxes stacked on top of my dresser.

I'm sorry for the lack of photos, but my mom-brain stacked several baskets of laundry on top of my WIP boxes while I was cleaning today, and yeh, they are still not folded and put away, so pictures will not be happening today.

I will post an updated photo of the shawl as soon as I can.

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