Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday WIPs

I'm still working on the Triangle Brown Shawl with Golden Flecks, but I'm having to take breaks on it because, eventually, the stitches blur right in the yarn color and I can't see anything.  LOL

I started two new projects this week.  Well, started one, found another--but I have made great progress on both pieces.

First up is the Spring Fling Scarf:

The colors are a bit more pastel than they are appearing in the photo.  My photo editing skills leave a lot to be desired, so I just left it as is so as to not destroy the original.  It has all the spring colors, though.  Almost Easter-like.  Pastel purple, bright yellow, soft pink, some white, a soft blue.  I love it.

Next up is the Passionate Pink Scarf:

The camera captured this color almost spot-on.  It's definitely a sharp dark pink.  It's crocheted in a shell pattern that I'm not entirely sure where I got it as I started this scarf back when I was pregnant with Ian and finished the first skein of it in the hospital.  I memorized the pattern, so I have no print-out of it, so I really don't know where I got the pattern from.

Those are my two new projects for the week.  What is on your needles/hooks?

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