Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Madness: October 1

Here we are again.  It's Monday.  I fell through on a few posts last week mostly because the two boys had immunizations at the beginning of the week and they were miserable the rest of the week.  Poor Sammy limped for a few days because the nurse was a mean one.  Husband is going to lodge a complaint against her.  Seth was a bit irritable, but he managed to sleep through most of that.

I finished up a lot last week, so most of what I have to do this week is "finishing touches," so to speak.  I need to:

  • Make 4 Pumpkin stems, 4 leaves, and 4 vines for the Pumpkin Hats
  • Make two more Cat Hats then three sets of Ears
  • Make at least 1 Witch's Hat
  • Write up a size chart for the hats
Those are my plans for the week, project-wise.  After they are all done, I need to get them photographed and listed.

Getting in the Halloween Spirit here!

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