Monday, July 16, 2012

What To Do, What To Do: Week of 7/16 to 7/21

My to-do list is really quite long because I'm always thinking of new things I want to start or work on long before I finish other things.  And here lately, with three children fighting for my attention, I'm seeming to get much less done than I am coming up with doing.

This week, I would like to get a few more of my cotton skeins crocheted into washcloths, make-up removers, utility scrubbers, etc.  That's the main thing to get done because my mom says that my stock that I sent to the Market is already running low, so I need to replenish it to keep the income flowing.  Since I finally have a new printer, I'd like to work on my label design.  And I have one personal item that I am crocheting at the moment that I'd like to get another skein of yarn added to, and that is Seth's blanket.  It's a modified granny square blanket, and I'm making some fair leeway on it, but it's really hard to get anything done with this face looking at you all the time.

I mean, really, who could resist that?  Ignore the floor clutter in the background.  I'm still not recovered enough to clean up toys and dress-up clothes that Anna and Sammy get out.  They'll clean up a few, but being toddlers, they are easily distracted and move along before finishing, but it's alright.  It'll get cleaned up eventually.  And yes, he is wearing pink.  It's clean and it fits.

I think I may try to crochet a few of these little guys up this week since they are quick and easy projects.
Other than that, I'm leaving my time pretty open since the kids are always so random on when they want to spend time with me.

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