Monday, July 23, 2012

Plans for the Week: July 23 - 28

This may be a very low production week. I'm dealing with a massive ear infection that has spread to my jaw and neck, so between the pain, the fever, and the very limited "liquid-like" diet that I'm having to deal with, I will probably not feel like doing much of anything. I would like to focus mostly on getting the rest of my inventory database keyed into the computer. I still have all my jewelry and jewelry parts to key in, as well as all the yarn that I have in stock, but haven't used on any current projects as of yet. The yarn won't take me long, but the jewelry parts and jewelry will take a fair amount of time since I didn't keep very detailed records when I made the jewelry, so I will have to match parts to the finished pieces physically. I also have four more of those plastic organizational boxes to go through and write down all the parts in there. Once I get all of those in the system, I will probably start on buttons, but they are more of an eventual thing since a lot of my projects don't use buttons as of yet. If I get bored with the database or just need a break from it, I will have my parchment paper for my product labels by tomorrow afternoon, so I'll be able to start printing them off and packaging things up more professionally. But the actual packaging will have to wait until I have taken photos of my items for Artfire. Well, my brain is starting to go out of focus from all the medications, so I will close before I make absolutely no sense.

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