Friday, June 29, 2012

New Stuffy for the Kids

Sorry for the "block of text" today, but I only have a basic sketch of this idea drawn on the back of a banking envelope, so I really didn't feel like scanning it.  I am proud to say that the vast majority of my kids' stuffed animals were handmade by me or other very talented local artists.  Only a few (say ten or so) are store-bought stuffed animals that family members gave them when they were born or just babies.

Now, Anna has a favorite stuffed animal that I made.  It's her little monkey, Bananas, that I made her about a year ago.  He has been bottle-fed, swaddled in blankets, rocked to sleep, and dressed in all sorts of clothes that belonged to other dolls.  But Sammy, well, he hasn't really latched on to any of them yet.

He's a weird little boy.  He can't stand blankets if they are wrapping him up, but he'll gladly twist one all around his legs at night, as long as his chest or back is uncovered.  He'll also do the same with a pillow if it's long and flat enough.  So I was thinking that maybe I'll crochet him a really long Snake stuffed animal.  He may like that.  I'm still working out how long and how thick I want to make it, but I know that I need to start with a magic ring (adjustable ring) and probably at the tail.

Anyone got any input on this?  Think it'll be too scary for him, or possibly a strangulation hazard?

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