Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pattern: Chunky Cuff Bracelet

          *Ignore the bad picture.  Too hot to be outside today.  I will post a better one as soon as I can.*

Chunky Cuff Bracelet

K or L Hook
Bulky/Chunky Yarn (approx. 6 yards)
Tapestry Needle


Chain 25.

Treble Crochet in 4th st from hook. TC in each st to end.

Invisible FO. Sew ends together to form cuff.

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Lola said...

Love this Chickie! Very talented you are...and that sounds like Yoda! he he...I think it's great! Would love to see this in all the colors of the rainbow...pinks are great too! Not that I'm saying I want a rainbow one...not to be confused...Ok, I'll stop...but seriously Great great work!