Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day at Our House

Valentine's Day has never really been a day that I have looked forward to. My parents never really made a big deal out of it, and I swear, almost every boyfriend I had broke up with me about a month or so before Valentine's Day, so I rarely got any gifts. I was that child at school that never walked out with balloons or flowers on the 14th, back when the school system allowed gifts to be sent to the schools for the students.

With our two kids being so young, we really couldn't do much for them. My husband picked up some small chocolates for them on the way home from work a few days ago, and that was pretty much what we did gift-wise for them. Now, Anna and I colored in hearts, and Sammy and I did some heart outlines with stickers, but when they are 1 and 2 yrs old, it's just hard to involve them. Next year, I'm planning cookies and cupcakes and such. My oven is still broken, so I couldn't bake beforehand, and with Sammy's allergies, I was scared to get anything store-bought. I'm also going to have some construction paper and child-safety scissors around next year so we can make Daddy some Valentine's before he gets home from work.  All in all, they enjoyed themselves though, so it was a good day for them.

My husband refused gifts this year, mostly because his only inside hobby is video games, and he has all of those he wants. And we really don't have a place (workshop-wise) for him to put anymore tools, so he would have gotten more screwdrivers and wrench sets. Not exactly a big priority for him. His only request was that supper that night be what he wanted from where he liked to eat. So he got his Bacon Cheddar Burger from Applebee's. We ate at home because Anna had been sick off and on all day, and we really didn't want to make her carsick to boot, so he just went and picked it up and we ate here.

He spoiled me though. Seriously. I'm not the kind of woman who spends a lot of money on my own vices. I don't smoke, don't drink, and my outside adventures are fairly limited since we only have one car, and anywhere I go, the kids have to go. As I said, Anna gets carsick. So he laid down a lot of money for yarnie goodness for me. And I mean, a lot.

 On the left side of the picture are two rows of Acrylic yarn.  I like to use acrylic for children's item.  Anything that is going to be heavily washed I make with acrylic.  And believe me, after two babies and with one more on the way, I know exactly how often one article of clothing can be washed just in one day.  (My daughter's green and white crocheted blanket has been washed to death, but it's acrylic, so it's still holding up wonderfully.)

The four skeins in the upper left corner next to the acrylic are Stroll sock yarn.  The navy blue will be going ot a pair of socks for my husband, and I think I'm going to make a pair of socks for me with the two skeins beside those.  I have three more skeins of Patons Kroy Sock yarn in my stash that I think I'm going to use for some socks for the kids.  Especially Sammy, since he has to be bundled up to sleep since he refuses to stay under his blanket.

Below the navy blue skeins of sock yarn are two skeins of Wool of the Andes Winter Night.  No plans for them yet, but I really love blue and they are a very beautiful shade of blue.

 The four long skeins of green below the sock yarns are Wool of the Andes Bulky in Grass and Lumberjack colorways.  I'm not real big on green, but my Sam said I needed more, so yeh, now I have green.

All the little round balls from the center to the right side are Palette Fingering weight wool yarn.  I think the colorways are French Lavender, Mist, Macaw, Turmeric, Hazelnut, Serrano, Silver, Grass, and Celestial.  My brain went on a temporary vacation and I really don't feel like digging through the box again to make sure that is accurate.  I've honestly never knitted or crocheted with fingering weight yarn, so we'll see how that goes.

Everything else from the light purple WIP (work in progress) down the right hand side is dishcloth cotton.  All of it is Knit Picks Dishie except the bottom four, which are Knit Picks Simply Cotton (Dishie didn't have a solid red or good blue in a shade that I needed for my patterns, so I had to go with Simply Cotton.)  All cotton goes to dishcloths, facial scrubbies/make-up removers, and shower poofs.  I may add dish towels to that eventually, but probably a long while from now.

That was our Valentine's Day.  How was yours?


Lola said...

Love this! That's ALOT of yarn...makes my hands hurt just looking at the beautiful array of colors! Smooches...

Geekbride said...

Cool! He really went all out! Go Sam! We didn't celebrate until last night since Josh had a night class on Tuesday. That night I baked him cookies instead of buying him candy (which he LOVED). Then yesterday we exchanged cards and gifts, I gave him a DVD from his wish list and I found a pretty ring on etsy, and then we went to dinner. It was low key as always, but that's ok. That's just how we are.

I'm glad you had a good V day and got such an awesome gift!