Monday, February 27, 2012

Plans for the Week: Feb 27 - Mar 4

This is actually going to be a two for one post because I forgot to post my What I Did This Week post on Saturday, and I didn't have any pictures to go with that post anyway, so it would have been very pitiful looking.  So I'll just include it here.

Last week, I managed to:

  • Start and complete a 100% cotton purse in Carnelian Red.  I really like it, but I still need to weave in the ends.
  • I started the Shades of Blue Granny Square Blanket that I have been designing.  Since I'm doing all the squares at once (IE, do all the light blue at one time, all the white at one time, etc), I am almost through with it.  I have a layer of white and a layer of the last shade of blue (light blue on six squares and dark blue on six squares) to complete, then I will stitch them all together with white and add a border.  I should have enough of the blues to do another blanket, I think.
  • I worked on my Pastel Green and White Toddler Blanket until I ran out of white...again.  I ordered more this morning, so I'll do the last few rows of that blanket as soon as the white arrives.  I'm not looking for a perfect blanket on this one since it's for my son and I just wanted to use the rest of the discontinued Pastel Green Pompadour up that I had.  It'll be a bit off-shape, but it'll wrap him up and keep him warm, and he loves it, so that's all that matters to me.
  • I did locate a printer type that I would like to get, and I found somewhere that sells it locally so I won't have to pay to have it shipped here.  Just need to save up a little money now to purchase it, and I need to use up the rest of the ink in my old one before we toss it.

This week, project-wise, I plan to:

  • Cast-on and hopefully finish my other Bulky Blue Slipper Sock.  I didn't cast it on last week because I knitted it on my smallest Knifty Knitter Loom, which I have misplaced in my clutter.  I found it last night though, so I'll cast on probably this afternoon.  It's supposed to be a little on the cool side here this week, so I really would like some warm socks to wear.
  • Cast-on a pair of socks for my husband.  These will take me a while simply because he has the biggest feet I've ever seen, but they aren't a real rush order because he's a homemade sock skeptic.  At least if he doesn't like them, I can wear them.  They'll be a little loose, but meh, a sock is a sock.
  • I would like to crochet the rest of the Shades of Yellow washcloths so I can make the sets up and get photographs for my Artfire Studio.  I should have enough for definitely four sets, maybe five.  Whatever is left over will be used to make matching make-up remover sets.
  • I would like to finish up the Shades of Blue Granny Square Blanket this week.  As I said further up, I am almost done with it, and it would be nice to have one of my two blanket projects under my belt before the beginning of March.

This week, administration-wise, I plan to:

  • Update the Author's Biography, Shop Policies, and all that information in my studio.
  • Update my Shop Categories.
  • And hopefully, update my shop avatar and banner to look more professional.  (This really depends on if the kids will let me do any graphical editing this week, which is highly doubtful.)

Those are my plans for the week.  Let's see how much we can get done between doctors' visits and the kids.  :o)  Happy Monday, Everyone!

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