Monday, February 20, 2012

Plans for the Week: Feb 20-25

This is a new thing that I plan on doing regularly, and it will change a lot over time.  I figured that if I wrote a post outlining the projects and tasks that I intended to complete in the forthcoming week so that everyone could see it, that I would be held accountable for actually finishing them.  We'll see if it works.


I have a lot of projects that I really would like to finish up this week--mostly just to clear off my desk.  I'd like to:
  • Finish my Ugly Bulky Socks.  The first one really didn't look pretty when it was done, but I'll only be wearing them around the workroom when it's chilly, so it's not like anyone will ever see them.  And they are really warm.
  • Finish crocheting the pastel green and white toddler/infant blanket that I am making for Sammy.  I had to wait on the new skein of the Pompadour White to arrive before I could continue with my work on it.
  • Finish crocheting the sunshine washcloth sets that I intend to sell in my shop.  They are made up of three dishcloths--one solid yellow one and two with multiple shades of yellow and white in them.  The set of three will be available for $11.25 in my shop soon.
  • Crochet some more of my standard-sized facial scrubs/make-up removers.  Sets of 8 will be available for $9.50 in my shop soon.
  • Crochet more of my scalloped-edge coasters.  Sets of 6 will be available for $7.50 in my shop soon.


I only have a few things here that I would like to get accomplished as soon as possible.  They are:

  • Determine a model and price of a new printer.  My current one is over 12 years old and really, it just needs to be taken out back and shot.  They don't even make cartridges for it anymore.
  • Update my Artist's Bio, Shop Announcement, Shop Policies and everything else in my Artfire Studio.  It's long overdue.  (This one will probably be handled in parts simply because I rarely get more than a few moments to sit down and focus on something important to write.)

Those are my big plans for the week, business-wise.  And other than my ultrasound appointment tomorrow morning, there isn't anything personal-life-wise that is going on this week.  Hopefully, it will be a fairly quiet but productive week.

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