Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions: 2012

Well, this year was actually going to be my year to really work out and drop off some of this weight that I have gained from years of stress and having babies, but since I found out I was pregnant again in early November, my weight loss plan has gone out the window until mid-August. So, here are the following plans for 2012.

1) Knit and crochet more. Clean out older stash to make room for newer supplies. (I foresee a lot of granny squares in my future for this year.)

2) Get my shop stocked and operational this year. (This still has a lot of preparation work to do, but it won't take me long to do it.)

3) Have Anna writing her alphabet and numbers by the end of the year, and Sammy talking by the end of the year.

4) To have my work studio completely organized so that I can work without feeling hindered. (Currently, everything is in slightly organized "piles" and my table space is extremely limited. I'm also having to take projects to another room because the kids can't play safely in my work studio at the moment.)

5) Finish up several knitting and crochet projects before I start anymore. (I'm really bad about grabbing a set of empty needles and starting something new instead of working on any of the twenty other projects I have going at any given time.)

6) Get out of the house more (and I don't mean by going to doctor appointments). There is a new knitting group starting up here in Kinston this year, and although we may be moving this year, I'd like to get a few group visits in with them. And I know that if we end up closer to Greenville or Winterville that there are knitting groups there that are looking forward to seeing me. I just need some non-kid time with other ladies around my age with the same interests that I have.

7) Try to keep my desk clean for more than two days. (It hasn't happened yet and I seriously doubt it will happen this year.)

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