Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kharma Sucks

My husband always talks about how easy it is for me to sit at home and do nothing but watch two kids.  Anyone who has kids, expecially two in the crawl/run stage of life knows that watching them and keeping them out of everything is ANYTHING but easy.  Now, normally, he only has to watch them for a few minutes here or there, or when he has them for like an hour or more, they behave moderately.  Well, last night, kharma bit him in the behind.
I was taking a bubble bath because I needed it.  I hadn't had a break from the kids for weeks beyond a 10-15 minute shower here or there.  Even the nights weren't restful because Lil' Man was waking up every hour or so, and then Lil' Bit would stir for about half an hour once I got Lil' Man back to sleep.  I can hear every sound they were making so it kept me awake.  Exhaustion set in a long time ago.  So, anyway, I was soaking in a much-earned bubble bath and all I could hear was my husband yelling "Don't!" "No!" "Stop!" or "Get Down!" every three seconds.  Lil' Bit would do something and when he was turning to deal with her, Lil' Man would get into something.
At first, I listened carefully because sometimes, when the kids get too riled up, trying to calm them down becomes a two person job (which I usually have to perform solo).  After I was sure that what I was hearing was giggling from both children as they terrorized him, I leaned back and finished up my hour soak.
It was so wonderful.

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