Monday, June 20, 2011

Updates, Updates, Updates

Good gracious, it has been crazy here lately. Both children are teething. Lil' Man is cutting a frontie and Lil' Bit is cutting a molar. They are miserable, and all they want is to be connected to Mommy. I am barely getting time to go to the bathroom when I need to. They constantly want to be in my lap, so we have been camping out on the sofa, reading books and watching Sesame Street.

I have gotten little to nothing done since they started feeling so bad, so there aren't many project updates. I have several knitted and crocheted items on the needles/hooks. So many that I have filled up a diaper case-size box with my projects. I did manage to finish up my dad's and brother's Christmas presents, mostly. I still need to to weave in the ends, but otherwise, they are done. I can crochet if I am holding Anna only. Sammy makes it a little harder. I don't knit with either of them in or near my lap. Anna wiggles so much that I'm afraid I'm going to stab her if I am knitting near her. My knitting projects aren't getting anywhere fast at all.

On the homefront, we have been cleaning and organizing. So much fell behind while I was pregnant and trying to keep up with a toddler that it just really needs to be handled. And there are a few rooms that need cleaning done in them so we can do a few repairs. And with the harvest season upon us again here soon, I really need to get the pantry area cleaned up and cleared out for the new stuff.

The Husbeast's new job is going well. He seems to love it. He's not loving first shift, but he will be on third as soon as he finishes the training, so he is dealing. He's gotten through his first month fairly well, as far as I can tell. He's so tired by the time he comes home that he usually bathes and collapses, so we really don't get much time to talk about it in detail.

Does anyone know of a good Dill Pickle recipe? I told the Husbeast that I would can some for him this year, but the only recipe I have is my mom's, and he doesn't really like that one. So I'm looking around for a new one.

Need to run! Daughter is climbing where she isn't supposed to be.

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