Monday, June 27, 2011

Today I Shall Be Lazy...

There are so many things I need to be doing in the house right now, not including all the things I need to be doing for The Chickadee Tree.  But honestly, I just have no energy today.  I have at least taken out the upstairs trash and the kitchen trash.  I still need to gather the trash from the rest of the downstairs' rooms, but they are at emergency levels yet, so they can wait until tomorrow.  And I am going to sweep the stairs shortly.  Hermione (the chow) is still shedding enough to be a nuisance, but she won't let me cut anymore hair off of her at the moment.  Maybe sometime before the end of the week, I will be able to attack her with the scissors again.
I do have a few ideas on tags and packaging for The Chickadee Tree.  Not that they really matter because I won't be able to print anything for at least another month.  My 12-year-old printer has finally bit the dust.  The scanner still works, but I can't print anything off.  I will probably post a few samples in here soon.  I'm just trying to think of ways to make very simple tags for my products that will be instantly recognized.  Probably use my little chickadee on some nice "parchment" colored paper.  I'm not sure if I'll keep him pink though.  I know I'm using a pink/brown combo with my banner and avatar, but I am really thinking that a nice tannish brown background with a green chickadee would look quite nice.  Maybe type the shop address on the back of it and make it a folding tag.
Just tossing some things out here.  Half of my ideas probably will not work because Open Office never seems to like my ideas, therefore it doesn't have a template for it.  Or a way to do it at all.
I just know that I need to design:
  • item tags
  • address labels
  • business cards
  • item labels (for items that need additional information--like skeins of hand-dyed yarn, clothing, etc)
There are probably a lot of other things I need, but those are just the ones I can think of offhand.
I need to find a better way to keep up with my part and finished item inventory.  Right now, Open Office Calc isn't doing what I need it to do, and I'm not handy enough to build a database.  If anyone has any database skills, I would greatly appreciate any help you can toss my way.
For now, I must go.  A storm is on it's way in and the baby just woke up from his nap, so I need to go close all the windows and play with the boy.

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