Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Time Has Come...

The time has come.

It's the time of the year that I dread the most.

The shaving of the chow.
She looks so nice and sweet in that photo, doesn't she? And I won't lie--she is a very evenly-tempered chow. Heck, she lets Lil' Bit wallow all over her. But as soon as I approach with the comb and clippers, she becomes a bit persnickety.

I used to brush her out all the time, but as she has gotten older and more ornery, brushing for hours on end has become a thing of the past. I'm lucky if she lets me run it through once. But, since it's now in the middle of summer and she has released most of her winter coat, she really needs to be shaved and brushed.

Especially her back legs, which are severely matted. Anyone who has owned a chow knows that matting occurs on them just by walking. Matting is just like felting with yarn. A little water, some agitation, and you have a mat. It sucks, but that is just how nature works.

And now nature has left me with no choice but to tackle her with the clippers and comb and pray that I don't get bitten.

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