Sunday, March 13, 2011

Anna, the Toddler Bed/Crib, and My Yarn

It's been a fairly quiet few days here at The Chickadee Tree. I've been knitting and crocheting as hard as I can to get a few more items to stock up the shop, and the family and I have just been hanging about the house. My husband is on Spring Break from school and his job hasn't really picked up yet, so we were just here, spending time together. I was going to write in here yesterday, but I was trying to put another foot on the Shades of Blue Scarf and crochet another hat. The hat ended up being frogged, but I did manage to get about 8 inches on the scarf.

We converted Anna's toddler bed back to a crib two nights ago so that I could retain my sanity and finally get some sleep. It was all going perfectly until yesterday afternoon when she started screaming. She had climbed into her crib via the rocking recliner and the side rail, which is considerably lower than the front and back rails (go figure..whoever designed that doesn't have children), and she couldn't figure out how to get back out. I put down my scarf and released her from her crib. Not even a minute later, she was screaming again...back in the crib. I got up and picked her up again. This time, I sat where I could see her to work, and she climbed right back into the crib again. I left her in there this time. She screamed for about five minutes, then heaved herself over the side that she climbed into it with and slid down in the recliner. And I took the front back off the crib so she wouldn't break her neck. She slept in the bed as a toddler bed last night, but I tucked her in good so she wouldn't roll out of it like she had been. She rolled out some, but only her feet touched the pillow pad beside the bed, so she fell back asleep standing beside her bed. I put her back in there every time that I had to get up with Sammy to feed him. If my camera was able to take good pictures in the dark, I'd have gotten one or two because it was funny looking, but alas, it doesn't.

On a slightly funnier note, I have learned that knitting/crocheting with thick yarn balls is never going to work. She greatly resented the fact that I was unwinding the "lovey" that she had clutched to her chest all day yesterday as I was trying to crochet the hat. When I finally took the ball of yarn away, she snagged the crocheted hat I made day before yesterday (hat is done, but the embellishments aren't on yet) and started loving on it. On a positive note, all my customers can guarantee that any knitted and crocheted items they have bought from my shop have been loved to pieces from yarn ball to finished project by Anna.

As of now, she is occupied with trying to dress the dog in one of her shirts, so I am going to try to knit a few rows on this scarf before she notices.

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