Sunday, March 6, 2011

Anna and the Toddler Bed: Day 2

Last night was only a little worse, but I expected as she went to bed not feeling the best. She woke up at 10 and crawled in bed with me. She went back to sleep almost immediately, and Sam moved her back to her bed. She woke up again a few hours later and walked around the room crying for about a minute before she crawled in the bed and went back to sleep with me. The third time she woke up, she was up for a few hours. She drank from her sippy cup, ran around the room, crawled all over me and tried to go to sleep a few times. She finally settled down eventually, laying beside me with her foot on my shoulder and her arm over my knee, but she was asleep, so I let her be.

Sam moved her back to her bed when he came to bed around 5 am...and lo and behold...Sammy wakes up for feeding at 5:30. Well, at least the 4 month old can sleep through the night. LOL

Off to feed him and then back to crocheting. I have finished up several coasters and I'm partially through a hat. I think the hat will end up being Anna's, and I may felt it. It all really depends on whether or not she likes it or not. But, as I said, off to feed Sammy and get him down for his morning nap.

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Brandi said...

Wow, I can't believe Anna is in a big girl bed already! And I realized last week her second birthday is coming up. How time flies!

I'm glad things are going well with her transition and with Sammy sleeping through the night. More sleep for mom is always a good thing!