Friday, December 10, 2010

Today's a Good Day

I used to be so happy to see Fridays arrive. Now, it's just like any other day, except that I get to get out of the bed in the morning without dreading the day and what some boss will throw at me. I stagger to the bathroom, douse myself in the sink until I am awake, then shiver over the heater until I warm up. Then I very quietly try to get a few things done before Sammy or Anna wake up. Some days, I manage to get a few ideas on paper or a bit of promoting done before one of them starts to stir, but most days, I barely have enough time to get out the clean diaper for each, the bottle for him, sippy cup of water for her, and a fresh change of clothes for each before someone is rolling over and ready to start their day.

Today, I barely made it out of the bathroom before he was getting antsy, but I knew it wasn't time for him to eat yet. My husband had just crawled back into the bed from feeding him at 3:30, so I knew he had at least another two hours in him before he had to eat again. So I quickly wrapped him up in his blanket, grabbed the pacifier, and spent the rest of the morning before Anna woke up rocking him in the rocking chair. It was a good morning.

And today, I cleaned. I don't have a set day to clean, but felt like it today, so I gathered all her toys up, grabbed the night's collection of spit-upped clothing and blankets and proceeded to take them down to the washer. I came back upstairs, picked up all her toys again, and swept up the floor (stopping intermittently to pick up her toys three more times). It is now 2:12 in the afternoon, and I'm about to start going through items for a destash sale on Artfire. I have a ton of beads that I no longer need, and I may have some yarn and fabrics coming soon. I'm only able to clean out my studio every few days because it does not have heat.

I will probably be scanning the beads in via my PSC printer because my digital camera is being...well...odd. I think it has a short in it somewhere. Sometimes it takes the pictures perfectly, other times, there is a picture on the video screen when I click the button, but the pictures come out black. I really need to get a new one, but with it being the Christmas season, all of our extra cash is going towards groceries for the dinner and presents for the babies. And since I have SO many beads to destash, I will just be scanning them in.

Going to scoot for now and get busy. Need to put on Veggie Tales or Dora the Explorer to keep Anna entertained anyway.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Promise I Didn't Get Lost....Honest

I swear, I really didn't get lost. Slightly bewildered for a month, but not lost. Who doesn't feel lost when they suddenly have a newborn child in their home and the 20 month old sister isn't exactly thrilled about the new crier. It's been a rough month, but I think we have now weathered the worst of it. He was refusing food in the hospital, so once we got him home, we had to slowly get him up to drinking 2 ounces every 2 hours. Our first night home, we went through every change of clothing and blanket that we had for 0-6 month old. When I woke up the next morning, my husband had him in one of his sister's 2T shirts. Looking back now, it was funny, but at the moment, with the exhaustion from having him and hormonal lunacy, I was close to tears.

Today, though, he chugs his bottle like a champion, and still has massive spit up moments occasionally, but not as often. He still has his days and nights mixed up. We are slowly rotating them, but we are trying to be careful to make sure we don't mess up his meal routine.

On the business front, I'm trying to get myself back into the routine. I did really good for about two weeks, then pregnancy complications and pure exhaustion set me back. Today is the beginning of my clean slate. I'll be listing items in my shop every day. My blog will be cleaning up backlog that didn't post like it was meant to (all my Tuesday Top Tens are still "Scheduled" but not Posted), and I will be introducing a couple of new columns that will appear during the week.

But for today, I will be closing this post, listing my newest item in my shop, and cleaning up the path of destruction my little lass has left throughout the room before my husband gets home.

Night all!