Monday, May 10, 2010

My First Real Mother's Day

It was actually my second, but last year, Anna was all of seven weeks old, and I was still in the surreal phase of "I can't be a mommy," so I don't count last year. We went out to lunch with my mom's side of the family, then Sam took me shopping. There are times I do prefer that he buy me a gift, but those have always been a bit of a letdown because I literally have to spell out what I want for him (no surprises for me), so he just takes me shopping at whatever store I choose (which is usually Michael's Craft Store). This year, however, we went to the new A. C. Moore that had opened up near Target.

Don't get me wrong, I love Michael's, but the one in Greenville leaves a lot to be desired at times. Nothing ever seems to be restocked, and their selection on a few things (mostly yarns) is abysmal. Yesterday was the first time I had ever seen Sock Yarn sold in a major department store. I refrained from buying any because it will not be used for a long time since my wrists have started getting "carpal tunnel-like symptoms" from being pregnant, but it was so, so pretty. I had to stick to buying some bulky yarn to use on my looms. I'm not a real fan of loom-knitting usually, mostly because I have cheap looms, but it lets me knit and create when I can't hold the needles for more than 5 minutes without my hands trying to lock up at the wrists. I figured I'd make Sam, Anna, and myself a new hat for this winter since my husband tends to lose his and mine, and Anna has outgrown all of hers. I'll post pictures when they are done. I managed to get Sam's brim completed on his last night before my eyes started burning, so it's coming along fairly fast.

My mother's day was nice and quiet though, which is how I like my days to be. Even lunch was fairly peaceful, as my dad, Sam, and I talked about farm work and church (my dad has recently taken over the church website that hasn't been updated in a few years, and my dad known zilch about HTML, so he's trying to talk me into taking it over).

But that was my mother's day. For now, it's the morning after, my daughter is still asleep for the time being, and I'm in dire need of food, so I shall say adieu and run as quickly as I can to the closest restaurant before she wakes up.