Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bad, I'm Really Bad

I'm sorry. I was sidetracked with the upcoming holidays, then I just never got back in here to post anything. I really think my mind went on vacation for a few months. However, I do have a few things to update.

Our upcoming season has started off fairly well. I have replenished the grill rub and dip supply, and they are packaged and ready to go to the Farmer's Market with my father this year. I have a few soups that are ready to be mixed and packaged as soon as the "soup season" gets here. And, starting this week, I'll have a rather large garden planted at my grandpa's house filled with my fruits and vegetables, and my balcony will be teeming with many containers of herbs. Any extra fresh produce will go to the market every other day with my dad. This includes fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

My Artfire shop (http://thechickadeetree.artfire.com) is estimated for a grand opening around July/August this year. This is all dependent on how well my stuff does at the market this year and if any other income comes in that I can use a little from to buy a few presentational items. (Better packaging, photograph props, equipment, etc.)

Further good news is that my husband and I found out that I am pregnant again just a few weeks ago. I'm due approximately November 4th. We won't have a definite date until we have our ultrasound in another couple of weeks, but that is the doctor's best estimate on when I will be due. So, Anna will be getting a younger brother or sister around Christmas. :o) All of the grandparents are thrilled, as is Sam, so it's all good. I will just have to be really careful while I'm in the garden this summer not to get too hot or lift anything too heavy.