Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Promise I Didn't Get Lost....Honest

I swear, I really didn't get lost. Slightly bewildered for a month, but not lost. Who doesn't feel lost when they suddenly have a newborn child in their home and the 20 month old sister isn't exactly thrilled about the new crier. It's been a rough month, but I think we have now weathered the worst of it. He was refusing food in the hospital, so once we got him home, we had to slowly get him up to drinking 2 ounces every 2 hours. Our first night home, we went through every change of clothing and blanket that we had for 0-6 month old. When I woke up the next morning, my husband had him in one of his sister's 2T shirts. Looking back now, it was funny, but at the moment, with the exhaustion from having him and hormonal lunacy, I was close to tears.

Today, though, he chugs his bottle like a champion, and still has massive spit up moments occasionally, but not as often. He still has his days and nights mixed up. We are slowly rotating them, but we are trying to be careful to make sure we don't mess up his meal routine.

On the business front, I'm trying to get myself back into the routine. I did really good for about two weeks, then pregnancy complications and pure exhaustion set me back. Today is the beginning of my clean slate. I'll be listing items in my shop every day. My blog will be cleaning up backlog that didn't post like it was meant to (all my Tuesday Top Tens are still "Scheduled" but not Posted), and I will be introducing a couple of new columns that will appear during the week.

But for today, I will be closing this post, listing my newest item in my shop, and cleaning up the path of destruction my little lass has left throughout the room before my husband gets home.

Night all!

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