Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Purple Anodized Aluminum and Bright Aluminum 'Star Trek' Earrings


Today's newest listing. I love these little earrings. They are really lightweight and will soon be available in an assortment of colors. Purple was just the first bag of colored rings I opened. I also have violet, blue, turquoise, black, yellow, gold, green, brown, red, and pink.

I know my store seems sparse, but I'm trying to list an item a day so that it is full but not stagnant by the time Sammy, Jr. arrives in a little over a month and a half. I'm going to ask if my husband will list items for me while I'm in the hospital, and I'm going to try to schedule some blog posts to go out, but depending on how things roll out, it might not happen. I shall return, though. :o)

I will have several more necklaces available soon, and I've begun making jewelry with copper rings, so that metal will be available in the store soon as well. I'm still pricing silver and gold, and as soon as I find a supplier with a fair price, those metals will be arriving in my shop as well.

I will also have non-jewelry items available eventually. Since I'm setting this shop up in the midst of chaos and craziness in my life, I'm taking things one step at a time, but it'll all show up eventually.

Just wanted to stop in and drop a note. Anna has finally collapsed for her afternoon nap, so I need to get a little bit of cleaning done.

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