Saturday, April 24, 2010

While We Are On Our Lunch Break....

Whilst my daughter is receiving her lunch one drive-by spoonful at a time, I figured I'd drop in here and write out a post. I love Saturdays! The house is almost always quiet on Saturdays, with the exception of Anna's giggles as she chases the cat with her Slinky or some random piece of paper she stole from my recycling bin while I wasn't looking. Sam sleeps in and rejuvenates himself so he can get up during the night during the week so his pregnant and exhausted wife can sleep a little more. It really does help out so much.

I woke up this morning and, after feeding and changing Anna and setting her up in her play area, stepped out on my balcony to water my herb seedlings. Those dastardly squirrels had gotten into my wee babies again. Almost all my seed pots were overturned and spilled over onto the balcony floor. I hardly have any left. It truly looks as though about five squirrels sat on the edges of the trays and just went "nope, no seeds in this one," and tossed it over their shoulders. I really hate squirrels sometimes. I have a few pots left, but they have a small amount of disturbance on their surfaces, so I'm not really expecting them to germinate and come up. So, I may not have an herb garden this year. Stinking squirrels. . . (There is one sitting on the railing of the balcony, staring at me as I write this sentence. I think he's mocking me.)

After I salvaged what I could of my seedlings, I came back inside and flew Anna, airplane style, to the craftroom, where she quickly took to running around the room and squealing as loud as she could. I tackled my storage closet while she was running around. Figured that going through my boxes of fabric couldn't be too hazardous to either of us should she grab a piece and take off with it. Worst that could happen is that a pile falls over and few pieces come unfolded. Might scare her, but probably wouldn't hurt her unless it was the huge bolt of corduroy. I tackled the chainmaille rings, scales, and wire-wrapped findings after she went down for her nap. I'm still in the process of cleaning them before I put them neatly into their boxes again, so I really don't want her running around, snagging things, while I'm using harsh chemicals and small, swallow-able parts. Scares me just thinking about it.

And then she woke up about an hour and half later, so I went and got my food and her food, and that is where we sit now. I'm through with my pasta bowl, and she's done with her crackers, but her applesauce still has a few more spoonfuls and she still has her 4-ouncer of milk to drink. Once she finishes those up, we'll head back to the craftroom to sort through more fabric. Very tired of organizing, but once it's done, I'll be able to work more efficiently and not have to keep such a close eye on Anna in that room while I am working. She won't be able to get into anything that will hurt her.

We still have to buy the supports to put up four shelves in the work room, and I want to buy several of the tall three-drawer plastic organizers from Walmart to store my fabric in beneath my work tables. Then I have the great joy of cleaning out the closet. I have stashed so much stuff in that closet that probably could be thrown away or sold. But it's a rather large closet, and I can only set foot about two feet into it before I'm out of space to move because of all the stuff I have crammed into it. So that will be a job unto itself.

And for now, I am going to get back to it since Anna has finished up her food. Updates and photos coming soon! Happy Weekend Everyone!

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Kathy said...

Thank you and thanks for stopping by my blog. At least you have contributed to the good health of the squirrels in your yard! :)