Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Craft Room

It's getting there. It may all have to be moved again soon (when the new baby gets here or when we move), but it's slowly taking shape. I've gotten the tables laid out in approximate positions, and I have shelving. Well, I own shelving. It's still sitting at my dad's house until he can find a couple of hours to drive it out here with the sofa, love seat, and dining room set someone gave us. Our little biddy Scion just can't haul anything, so dad has it on a trailer to haul here with the Yukon or the Van. He just has to find the time to get it here. But as soon as my shelving gets here, I'll be able to get all my fabric out so I can start sewing.

I've gone through all my beads and separated them into a Destash, Keep, and Trash pile. The beads being trashed are broken or cracked. The destash group are just those that I can't think of a way to use with chainmaille at the moment. There probably is a way, but my brain isn't wrapping around it and my storage bins are very limited on space, so they have to go. And the rest are going to be given a thorough cleaning, and then they will be placed in their properly labeled containers for creating.

Other than that, I have two open shelves that I need my husband to put up as soon as we buy the hardware needed to attach them to the walls and support them. I have to have somewhere to stash all my stuff when I'm not using it. My piling system has become quite ineffective as of late, since my daughter insists on piling them her way. I just need to find a place to put the tumbler, dremels, and anything sharp or toxic so she can't get a hold of them. Up high seems like a good place.

And since my morning meal and waking up has been completed, I must enter the craft room to continue cleaning and organizing. Hopefully, Anna will prefer to run around with balls of yarn instead of "helping" me organize today. :o)

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Lori said...

How exciting! Have fun getting the room ready.