Sunday, May 31, 2009

Etsy vs. Artfire: My Take on It

Well, I've been on Artfire with listed items for two days now. So far, I'm loving it a lot more than Etsy. I haven't really promoted my Artfire shop yet, and many of my items already have views in the 20s and 30s. I had items on Etsy for a year that still had single digit views, and I promoted my Etsy shop like a mad woman.

I did have something occur today with Artfire that I am hoping is just a temporary glitch. I will find out for sure in the morning. When I woke up today and started listing a few more products, I checked out my shop to see if I had a full page yet, and it was empty. At first, I was all happy because I thought I had sold a lot of things, so I went hopping to my email box and was very disheartened to find it empty. I went back to my artfire and fiddled in my studio settings to see if I had turned something on or off that needed to be disabled or enabled for items to show properly. I couldn't get them back. I contacted admin and I dug in the forums for any help. Finally, I found a post where someone was having a similar problem that morning. They said that deactivating all and reactivating them worked. It took me three tries to get my items to reappear. I really hope this doesn't happen again because I probably lost an entire night of exposure because I naturally assumed that my items were displaying in my shop when I went to bed. :o(

I'll keep everyone updated on how Artfire is for me. Even with the glitch, I'm still liking it more than Etsy. It seems to be more up my alley.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Starting Today...

As of today, I no longer have an Etsy shop. The address is still valid until the Etsy Admins decide to close it down, but my entire shop is now available at

Many people have asked me why I am moving. For one, Etsy never really had the appeal that would bring people to my store. I felt as though my chainmaille works did not belong. For other major reasons, I couldn't run two shops with a baby, and Artfire just seems better to me. It's more customizable; my store doesn't look just like everyone else's.

So, please, update your bookmark for my shop and join me at for more great chainmaille designs.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Last Day

Well, today is my last day of maternity leave. We still do not have a babysitter that has an opening or that we can ever plan to afford. (Why is daycare so damn expensive, seriously?) Since my husband doesn't have to go back to school until May 22, I am going to attempt to work the next two weeks and make the 21st of May my last day at work. We are not entirely sure as to what we are going to do, though. If I quit my job, we will only have Sam's GI Bill coming in money-wise until he can find a job, and he's been looking like a madman with no luck. I'm attempting to get my Etsy and Artfire stores completely revamped and replenished, but it's taking a lot of time when I am having to take care of Anna all day and my business stuff is still very disorganized.

On top of everything else, I've lost my inventory database. A few months ago, my husband replaced my little 40 GB harddrive with a 200 GB one (we game a lot). Well, when he copied my old harddrive to my new one, my inventory software locked me out. It took me until this last week to find my registration information and get the program unlocked so that I could use it again. However, when I tried to open it, my database was corrupted. So I went to my Flash drive and tried to copy my backup version of the database to my new harddrive. It still did not work. So I am having to retype all of my information back into a new database. The only good thing is that I can start the new fiscal year with an up-to-date inventory count, and I have taken the opportunity to clean out broken pieces, trash beads, and work on gathering pieces for a destash.

For now, I have to close. I'm trying to get the last of my thank-you cards written today before we go to my 6-week postpartem appointment.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Bracelet: Bright Aluminum Romanov Weave with Fire-Polished Beads


This is the second part of my Romanov line of jewelry. The earrings were made a long time ago, and they have been listed on my Etsy for a while. (Well, the clip-on version has. I have regular earhook versions, but I have yet to take a picture or get them listed.) This bracelet took me a while to make, but it has already becoming a stunning favorite amongst my pieces. Everyone who has seen this piece is amazed at how light it is compared to it's bulkiness.

It will be listed on my Etsy and Artfire shortly, and the necklace will soon follow. :o)