Monday, April 27, 2009

Almost Functional: The Studio

Well, I finally got everyone out of my house with the exception of my husband and the baby, so I have been able to start cleaning and arranging everything. It's been slow going because I am still recovering, but I am getting there.

The studio is coming along well. I got the floor swept and mopped (three moppings before I decided it was clean enough), and then I moved the two small tables and the large table in. Now, I'm the type of person who has to have everything in the room that will be in there before I can start organizing and setting things up, so the tables are now piled high with folders, notebooks, boxes of beads, bags of jump rings, and stacks and stacks of fabric. The only things that aren't in that room that will be in there eventually are my four 2-drawer file cabinets and my sewing machine. (And the few things that I have to save up for before I can buy them to put them in the room, but more on that later.)

One table has become my sorting table. It is piled high with papers and notebooks that have been sorted into a pile for each "craft" I do. (Cross-stitching, Jewelry, Drawing, Sewing, Writing, Knitting, Crocheting, etc.) That is that most organized table in the room. The other small table is about half cleared off, but I still have a long way to go on it because I have to carefully go through each group of papers so I can rebuild my database (my old harddrive ate my previous database).

And then we have the long table. Well, let's just not talk about that one right now. Everything is just piled on top of it. I'm actually quite surprised that it has not bowed in the middle and collapsed yet, to be honest. All my boxes of beads, my heavy duty tools, my office supplies, and random other things that my husband thought went with my crafting room are tossed on that table in one huge pile. I am going to try to tackle that tomorrow when Little Anna goes down for her long noon nap.

We decided not to bother with painting the room. We are trying to find a house to buy, so putting money into filling in holes and repainting a room that we might not be in much longer didn't really seem that important to us. I shall have to deal with the hideous Booger Green for a little while. I'll probably toss up some pictures or posters before long. That color is truly atrocious.

Well, Sam just demanded that I close this out and get a quick nap before I collapse in a heap of exhaustion. I will update again soon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three Weeks After Birth

I never thought that a baby would be so exhausting. I didn't think my husband and I were going to make it through the first few weeks. It would have probably been a lot easier if we had been able to nap when she was finally asleep, but there was always someone here. Sam slept more than I did because I can't sleep in front of people that aren't immediate family.

Anna is doing well though. She can already roll to her side, and she can hold her head up for almost two minutes before she has to put it down. She almost has her days and nights sorted out. She crashes around 9 every night and sleeps until about 3 or so, if the neighborhood stays quiet. Then she naps a few times during the day.

It's while she is napping that I'm accomplishing things. I'm slowly organizing everything. Because we were still in the process of rearranging everything when I went in to be induced, there are still a lot of my crafting items sitting in boxes in our bedroom, two of my file cabinets are still in the baby's room, etc. But it's getting there.

Going to have to cut this short. Anna needs food. :o)