Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Craft Room: On Hold

It's still mine, all mine! But the doctors decided to lessen my medication dosage for nausea, so we are back to square one on it not working. Left work early on Thursday because I wasn't feeling "right;" no labor pains, just didn't feel like I normally have been feeling. Then I spent all day Friday sick; on Saturday, I was still sick. On Sunday, thank God, I found one pill of my old medication that morning so I took it and made it through my baby shower with only getting sick one time, and I think that was more from motion sickness than anything else (it was an hour drive from my house to the church where we had the baby shower). But I KNEW the moment the medication wore off. Then I was up all night sick.

Monday was miserable. I didn't make it to work because I couldn't leave the bathroom for more than 5 minutes. When I finally got myself settled, I just collapsed in my chair and slept the rest of the day. I forced myself into work this morning, much to my husband's dissatisfaction. He was telling me all morning that I'm about to pop out a kid, I don't need to be pushing myself. But my job has to get done. There are still several things that need to be handled before I am taken out of work for the baby, and I can't get them done if I'm sitting at home. BUT, I've been here since 7:30 and I have already had to run to the bathroom twice. I won't be getting much done, but I'm at least trying. I'll call my dad when I just can't go anymore.

Being sick all the time is really starting to suck though. I haven't been able to clean, arrange, dream up arrangement, or even clean out the file cabinets. My baby shower presents are still sitting in the backseat of the car.

We received many wonderful things on Sunday. My aunt, who hasn't knitted in fourteen years, knitted Anna the most beautiful pink baby blanket. It is so soft. It's absolutely gorgeous. That picture will definitely be forthcoming as soon as we get it inside and unpacked. We also received a lot of clothing for 0 to 18 months, baby wipes, a lot of bath-time supplies, and medical supplies that will be needed for the first few weeks. A lot of potty training stuff, even though we won't be needing that for a LONG time. Dad and Sam are supposed to be cleaning up the crib and high-chair this week at my parent's house. We still have to get a mattress and bumper pads for that. We also still need the car seat, stroller, a baby swing, and a few other big ticket items, but we received a few gift certificates and checks too, so we'll get them this weekend sometime.

But for now, I need to close. The work day has begun and I need to get these sign-in forms checked over and the Procard handled just in case I start feeling worse.

Ta ta for now!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Finally Have My Own Craft Room!

After much waiting, begging, pleading, complaining, and all-around nagging, I FINALLY got my own craft room. Husband and I are renting a huge house, but it's not laid out very well. Upstairs, which is a good 1500 sq ft, only had three bedrooms and two small bathrooms. Go figure.

We sat down early yesterday morning (like 5ish, cause hey, who can sleep when they have a 6 lb baby pounding on their stomach and kidneys?) and figured out how to rearrange the upstairs so that the baby had her own room when the time came for her to sleep in her own space, I had a craft room, and the husband and I both had a room for a place to sleep, our computer desks, and a small sitting area where I could sit and feed Anna during the night.

For a while, I had the largest bedroom as my craft room / junk we don't know where else to put it room. It was not arranged, unorganized, and really just piles of things that needed filing, folding, etc. This room is 15 ft by approximately 25 ft. It's a BIG room. That is now our master bedroom/computer room/feeding area.

What was our bedroom is now the baby's room to be. It needs a full scrub down and painting, but Sam said he'd get to it. Anna will be in our room for the first few weeks anyway until she and I get a feeding schedule mapped out.

And the computer room has become my craft room. Pictures will be forthcoming. There is still a lot of stuff that has to be completely arranged. Most of yesterday was spent with me sleeping or sitting in a chair nearby while he moved big pieces around and ordered me not to help or rewired the internet into the new room. The only two big pieces we have left to move are the armoire (to the baby's room) and the sofa (to the big bedroom). The bed comes apart and can easily be moved by one person, so that won't be so bad. And most of the furniture for my craft room consists of folding tables and two drawer file cabinets.

I'm so thrilled to finally have my own space! Just got to get it all organized and we'll be back in production! Yay!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick Update

I'm so sorry that it has been like a week or more since I have posted. I was mulling over the idea of expanding my current store with new items that aren't jewelry-related or opening a second store; then I came down with the flu. Flu + Pregnant do not go together at all. I have never been so tired in my entire life. But on a good note, the entire time I got to nap, rest, and think things through.

I decided that I am going to keep everything in one store at first, being that a) everyone who knows about my business already knows my website address at Etsy, b) I will have a baby to take care of here shortly and won't have time to keep one shop up and running, much less two, and c) the bigger selection will probably bring more visitors and potential buyers to my shop, so we'll see if it works.

Just wanted to give a quick update today. I'm at work this morning, very tired, and have to go to the doctor for the third time this week here shortly, so I need to get a few things done.