Friday, October 23, 2009

Real Life's Ups and Downs

Once again, I am sorry that I have not posted in here for a while beyond my Featured Artist of the week. I haven't even had a moment of peace to post the Top Ten Artists of the Week, and those are chosen by others. All I have to do is post. I will get them caught up though.

Life has been crazy. The little human is teething. She started showing signs of her first tooth almost a month before we ever saw a tooth, so she was miserable, even with Baby Tylenol and a frozen teething ring. And since that tooth has broken the gum, it's been like back to back teething. Not even a week after the first tooth peeked, her second bottom one appeared, and now that it's slightly out of the gum, she's chewing like a puppy on a chewbone to get pressure on her top gums. Poor little girl.

We've also been trying to find a new house. When we moved into this one, it was within our means to rent it and pay all our bills. Now that I'm staying at home and it's reached the slow season for Mortar & Pestle, the rent payment has become a little more than we can afford with baby necessities taking the foreground. Our neighborhood has also been very active lately with unsafe things (gunshots, racing cars, fights, etc.), so my parents offered to let us put a single-wide trailer on the back acre of their property where there is already a septic tank and electricity and water access is very nearby. We had found a trailer we wanted and tried several times to contact the people selling it (my cousin and his wife, to be honest). Each time we called them, the house was still available but they didn't have a time that day that they could be home to show it around. Understandable; people work. However, after four days of this, my mom finally called his mom to see if they would be able to get the key and let us see the house, and his mom informed my mom that he had already sold the trailer like a week beforehand. Now, I know the world seems to have forgotten common courtesy these days, but damnit, tell someone when they are calling about a house that it has already been sold. Don't string them along. We had our hopes up and everything.

So, after all of that, we are back to square one on finding a used single-wide to move to the back of my dad's property. But on a good note, as soon as we find the single-wide and get it moved and set-up, my dad has all his connections coming to hook up septic, water, electricity, and heat/air within a week.

Must go for now. Have to get my husband out the door so he can bail hay all day. Toodles!

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