Friday, October 9, 2009

Featured Artist: Heather Gaff Mewis of Feathered Friends Mementos

My name is Heather Mewis. I'm a full time paramedic and a life long artist who started Feathered Friends Mementos in August '08 and have been having a blast ever since! I specialize in feathered jewelry and personal items for the mainstream and not-so-mainstream. If you ever thought feathered jewelry was not for you then you haven't seen my shop!

I've always been an artist and crafter. Started when I was a small girl and have been picking up and putting down different crafts and hobbies ever since. I started making jewelry last summer and immediately became addicted!

I love crafting because it allows me to express all of the ideas banging around in my head! It's very therapeutic for me.

I first sold feather earrings on Ebay and when my first three pairs sold, one of the outbid buyers emailed me and asked if I was going to make more. She then referred me to a forum that was discussing my earrings, I joined and from there I was referred to Etsy and found Artfire from Craft Cult. It's been fast forward ever since!

The hardest part is staying in touch online with old and new contacts. I don't mind online promoting itself but it can be so time consuming and obsessive that it's easy to forget about everything.

My business is mainly for extra money to reinvest in the business. I fortunately have a stable, well paying job and my ultimate goal is to retire in 12 years and have this business well established and perhaps making extra money.

I haven't tried selling in other shops but have done several craft fairs. The fairs are a lot of work before and during but at the right venues I have always been very successful. My last fair I made more sales then any of the other vendors! I do really enjoy meeting my customers in person and my work sells extremely well in person. The online photos just don't ever do the pieces justice, unfortunately.

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