Sunday, September 20, 2009

Teething and New Recipes

I'm sorry that I haven't left many posts lately that were personal. Most of them have been featured artists or ten items that I found that I wanted to share. My reason isn't the best of one, but it's very hard to concentrate when it's at its worst. Anna is teething. Now, some people are saying, "that can't be all that bad." Well, I've seen some kids handle it well. Anna is holding her own, but there are some days where she screamed and cries for what feels like an eternity as she tries to literally shove her entire teething ring in her mouth. It's very hard to concentrate and form sentences when she is like that, so I have just given blogging a rest.

And since I have spent more time away from my computer, I have been able to test out a few more recipes (mostly meat rubs and breads). Sam and I have been testing most of them out alone. I'm going to try to coerce my mom into using a rub or two at our next meal that we eat at her house, and possibly bring the stuff to bake bread while I am there. (I usually have to ride in with my husband and sit at my mom's house all day if we have to do something in that town before 5.) After that, if it all goes well, I may see if a few of my close friends want to try it on their own and give me some feedback. Then, I might just start selling them to the public.

We had an excellent meal last night with a rub not used for it's intended purpose. I put a pork roast in the crockpot around noon, sprinkled the bag of rub on top and filled it with water. After it cooked until 7:30, it was absolutely marvelous. Husband said it was a little strong in a particular herb, so I may tone that one back some, but after chopping the meat up and serving it over rice with mushrooms, with a side of bread, it was so good.

My Tutorial of the Week entry will be starting soon. It will appear every Wednesday first thing in the morning (to give you time to try it that day), so I hope that you enjoy.

And on that note, I bid you adieu until another day.

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