Friday, September 25, 2009

Featured Artist: Sisi of Peacefully Folding

Origami By SiSi is a shop where you will find origami items. I make things such as cards, flower decorations, and jewelry - all out of origami paper. All items are hand folded by me. I hope you will come by my shop and take a look sometime, you might find something very unique!

1. When and why did you start crafting?

I started playing with origami when I was a child. I remember using old strips from our calendars and making 'puffy stars'. I continued doing crafts and just decided to start selling recently.

2. What do you enjoy most about your crafting?

I enjoyed using paper. It's very versatile and so easy to find - it's everywhere! I can get ahold of paper at home, at work, at the office... Being able to turn paper into something else is just cool.

3. How did you find out about Etsy/Artfire and why did you start selling there?

I found out about Artfire from a friend's blog post. It was very new back then, I started out with the 10 free listings. Eventually, I fell in love with the studio options and the fact that I could maybe have my shop for free eventually... :)

4. What is the hardest thing to do for your shop or you dislike the most about selling online?

Taking pictures is the hardest thing for me to do for my shop. I have to take at least 10 pictures to get 3 good ones sometimes...

5. Do you rely on Etsy/Artfire to help pay bills or is it mainly for fun & extra spending money?

Well, right now, I can't say that my shop on Artfire has helped me pay the bills... yet. I guess I have it to support my paper and jewelry addiction :P

6. Have you tried or do you sell in offline shops? Do you enjoy that more or less than Etsy/Artfire & why?

I have not had the opportunity to sell in offline shops.

7. Where else can you be found online?

My Artfire shop:
My blog:
My Twitter:

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