Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rooting Rosemary and Preparing the Greenhouse

Three days ago, I took twelve cuttings from the rosemary bush in the front yard of our rental house. The plant was already well-established when we moved in, so I do not think it would survive an uprooting and re-potting, therefore, I took the cuttings. I followed the directions verbatim from a plant nursery that I found online, and I'll be danged if my cuttings are looking like they are dying. I'm going to give them a few more days to see if they suddenly perk up, but I'm doubting that they will. If they don't, I'll give twelve more cuttings a shot. If those die, I'll just buy a few plants from a nursery when the season starts next year.

On the greenhouse front, I'm still gathering supplies. I have many new seedlings starting for the winter for my indoor container garden. I'm still in the process of finding larger pots for re-potting time. My dad used to have an entire workshop full of old plastic pots from plants that he planted years ago, but his barn burned down several summers ago and all the pots went up with it. I'm hoping to hit up the End of the Summer sale at Walmart here soon to see if I can get some gardening supplies for fairly cheap.

The big plan is to either have a raised garden in 2010 (if we get our own house and property), or to make a huge container garden in the backyard (if we are still in this rental next summer). We have plenty of room in the backyard here now since our landlord came over and cut down a lot of our trees and shrubs. However, I can't plant an actual garden because the backyard is a 2 inch load of topsoil over an asphalt parking lot. Our grass barely survives, so container garden, it will have to be.

For now, however, I need to get the Lil' Lady down for her afternoon nap, and then I'll be preparing some more of my products labels. Stay in touch!

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