Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Early Morning Exhaustion

It's a very good thing that I am a morning person, or I'd be seriously cranky every day. Wait...I'm not a morning person. Anna has taken to waking up at 5:00 AM for her first meal of the day, which is followed by an hour or more of her jabbering on my shoulder and not going back to sleep. I love her, and she's fun to jabber with, but she's depriving mommy of what little sleep she gets.

I've been staying up past her bedtime to get a few things done each night that need to be handled business-wise: boxing items, making items, separating unneeded beads for my upcoming Inventory Destash Sale, etc. And she sleeps all night. We can usually get her down at 8 or so, and she's out until like 5, which is really good for an infant. But I ceased to be a morning person a long time ago. That's what happens when your husband is a night owl.

Right now, she is asleep in her swing. It's not swinging anymore, but I know the moment I try to pick her up and put her back in her crib so I can sleep, she'll startle herself awake, scream bloody murder, and I'll be back to square one.

Maybe I can sleep standing up....

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capecodjewel said...

Oh, I remember those days. Hang in there, these times will pass. Grab little naps when you can, and be sure to eat right... the occasional chocolate would be in order, too. :)