Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dreary Saturday

Well, it rained last night here in Kinston. And as is the habit of summer storms in North Carolina, the following day is cooler but overcast and dreary. Yay for the cooler, since we don't have any air conditioning this summer, but the overcast part has just left me feeling bleh. I have a lot to do this weekend, but I seem to be moving in slow motion. The only thing I have managed to complete is my 8:00 am and 12:00 pm listings on Etsy as I try to catch up my listings on Etsy with my Artfire listings.

However, on my To Do list, I have to coil three sizes of bright aluminum rings because I am dangerously low, but I can't do that until my husband wakes up. Anna is sleeping now, but she doesn't need to be near me when I have wire flailing around the room as I coil, so I need Sam to watch her. The drill is also loud, so I know it'll wake her up if I take her in the room but put her off in a corner where she'll be safe.

I also need to work on my spreadsheet to submit my items to Google Base. Artfire is doing it for me, but they are submitting the items under their name along with all the items of every other artist on Artfire. This means that my items are buried not just one or two pages in, but fifty or more pages in. They will never get seen unless someone knows the specific name of the item. Searching by my name doesn't bring it up. But, if I submit my items to Google Base on my own, they'll appear under my shop name with the rest of my items only, which isn't a very large list. Better visibility.

I also want to get a few pieces made this weekend. Most of them can't be done until I get more rings cut. But I can make a few pairs of earrings and maybe a couple of bracelets with my 16 gauge aluminum and my anodized aluminum.

Ongoing projects include getting the rest of my parts keyed into my Jewelry Design Manager, getting an accurate inventory count of parts and pieces, setting up an accurate supply and inventory list, and boxing and labeling all my inventory.

As soon as I finish keying in the parts that I am keeping to use, I will be listing a lot of supplies on Etsy that I no longer need. I have some stringing materials that I have partially used but I still have a lot of that I need to figure out what to do with. I tried to give them to a young lady that I know locally who used to bead, but she has learned about guys since last summer and is no longer interested in such things. (LOL) I'll probably offer them up in my guild group.

Going to run and try to get a few of the smaller things done before my husband wakes up. Have a great weekend everyone!

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