Saturday, May 30, 2009

Starting Today...

As of today, I no longer have an Etsy shop. The address is still valid until the Etsy Admins decide to close it down, but my entire shop is now available at

Many people have asked me why I am moving. For one, Etsy never really had the appeal that would bring people to my store. I felt as though my chainmaille works did not belong. For other major reasons, I couldn't run two shops with a baby, and Artfire just seems better to me. It's more customizable; my store doesn't look just like everyone else's.

So, please, update your bookmark for my shop and join me at for more great chainmaille designs.

1 comment:

Dan Felstead said...

Jessica...good for you. I am thinking about moving to Artsfire as well...just haven't had the time to make the switch. With my photography, it is hard to get the traffic to the shop. As I look at other photo shops on ETSY...they don't seem to get as much traffic as othe shops as well. I will be watching to see how you like it...good luck.