Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three Weeks After Birth

I never thought that a baby would be so exhausting. I didn't think my husband and I were going to make it through the first few weeks. It would have probably been a lot easier if we had been able to nap when she was finally asleep, but there was always someone here. Sam slept more than I did because I can't sleep in front of people that aren't immediate family.

Anna is doing well though. She can already roll to her side, and she can hold her head up for almost two minutes before she has to put it down. She almost has her days and nights sorted out. She crashes around 9 every night and sleeps until about 3 or so, if the neighborhood stays quiet. Then she naps a few times during the day.

It's while she is napping that I'm accomplishing things. I'm slowly organizing everything. Because we were still in the process of rearranging everything when I went in to be induced, there are still a lot of my crafting items sitting in boxes in our bedroom, two of my file cabinets are still in the baby's room, etc. But it's getting there.

Going to have to cut this short. Anna needs food. :o)


Linda Macfaland said...

Jessica congratulations on the newest member to your family. i am sure you are very, very busy, but your jewelry will always be there for you when you can be with it in the moment. Children grow so fast-and with them fleeting memories of times you wished you had more of...And WELCOME to tired. Adjust to it. you will never, ever regain that back! lol. twitter/lmacfarland

andrea said...

It's very exhausting but very rewarding,having children:)
Take care and grab a nap when you can

Mr.Christopher said...

LIKE WOW, I go MIA and the wonderful happens. Oh I so happy for you two and the new princess. Gives evil me so hope in the world and that man can get better. Plus want a little girl myself. SO where do we all send the many gifts we want to shower on her. :)

Love and Joy
Mr. Christopher in MN

Dan Felstead said...


I've been there! Although it was 23 years ago, I can still remember those nights where we begged for just a good nights sleep but looking back was well worth the loss of sleep. I am sure it will be for you too...Hang in there!


Lily said...

What a beautiful baby you have! I have four, and yes-- they are exhausting, but as they grow, you'll get more sleep. LOL