Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Finally Have My Own Craft Room!

After much waiting, begging, pleading, complaining, and all-around nagging, I FINALLY got my own craft room. Husband and I are renting a huge house, but it's not laid out very well. Upstairs, which is a good 1500 sq ft, only had three bedrooms and two small bathrooms. Go figure.

We sat down early yesterday morning (like 5ish, cause hey, who can sleep when they have a 6 lb baby pounding on their stomach and kidneys?) and figured out how to rearrange the upstairs so that the baby had her own room when the time came for her to sleep in her own space, I had a craft room, and the husband and I both had a room for a place to sleep, our computer desks, and a small sitting area where I could sit and feed Anna during the night.

For a while, I had the largest bedroom as my craft room / junk we don't know where else to put it room. It was not arranged, unorganized, and really just piles of things that needed filing, folding, etc. This room is 15 ft by approximately 25 ft. It's a BIG room. That is now our master bedroom/computer room/feeding area.

What was our bedroom is now the baby's room to be. It needs a full scrub down and painting, but Sam said he'd get to it. Anna will be in our room for the first few weeks anyway until she and I get a feeding schedule mapped out.

And the computer room has become my craft room. Pictures will be forthcoming. There is still a lot of stuff that has to be completely arranged. Most of yesterday was spent with me sleeping or sitting in a chair nearby while he moved big pieces around and ordered me not to help or rewired the internet into the new room. The only two big pieces we have left to move are the armoire (to the baby's room) and the sofa (to the big bedroom). The bed comes apart and can easily be moved by one person, so that won't be so bad. And most of the furniture for my craft room consists of folding tables and two drawer file cabinets.

I'm so thrilled to finally have my own space! Just got to get it all organized and we'll be back in production! Yay!!


Countrywindows said...

Sounds like you have your house layed out for everything, from your craft to your new baby coming.I was reading some of your plog posts, and it sounds like your family is kinda like me a person that loves the country and lives from the animals we harvest on it.

Judy said...

That's great!! We all need a good work room. Good luck with your little one.

andrea said...

That's wonderful.I'm hoping I get one this summer too!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

That's terrific! It's so nice to have a space just for crafting. Mine seems to have spread beyond my workshop again, though, which it has a tendency to do! :)

Audrey said...

You will love having your own craft room. I have one and it's nice being able to close the door on the mess, or just to keep the kids out.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

My craft room is too small! I'm gonna have to get an upgrade soon too. At least I have one. My wife still does her stuff in the kitchen!

feelfuzzy said...

i look forward to the pics, its great when you get a whole room dedicated to crafting :)

andrea said...

Hi Jessica-
I wanted to thank you for following my blog,and have nominated you for a 'lemoande award'.You can read about it on my blog.