Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bringing on the New Brand

Well, I've been fiddling with my graphics for two straight days now. Coloring in individual pixels, saving after each one, undoing and redoing, and deleting and starting over so many times that my husband was getting frustrated just watching me. But, without much more ado, they are here!

My new shop avatar is the top one. I think it's simple and sleek, but I could be missing the broad idea of it all. It's bold, and definitely eye-catching, but will it bring people to my shop? That's what I'm not sure about. I'm going to give it a test run and see how it does.

My new shop banner is the bottom one. I worked on that one so long that I was getting frustrated myself. I like it a lot now, but the background rings still don't "feel" right to me. Could just be me being a picky artist, so I'm going to let it run for a little while with the avatar and see how it goes. Feel free to leave a comment here or you can leave it on the critique thread in the Etsy forums that I started this morning: . I would really appreciate any feedback and input.

I also decided to drop the "jewelry" off my store name for the simple fact that some of the things I make just aren't... In the near future, I may be listing belts, vests, wallet chains, and more and those really just aren't jewelry. I like the "Jessica C" better anyway. Makes it my brand, my store.

Just a quick note though to bring everyone up-to-date on my movement to bring in this new concept. I'm going to work on my Biography, Shop Profiles, and the other little paragraphs over the next couple of days and hopefully have them up this weekend. We are expecting ice and snow before Saturday, so I might have more time if my dayjob gets closed due to unsafe driving conditions. It shall get updated though. :o)


Geekbride said...

I like the new banners! Especially the one with the rings in the background. Soon your jewelry empire will be so large no one will be able to stop you!

tstreasures said...

Great new banner, very sleek (if that makes sense).

Carolyne said...

I love your new banner! It looks awesome!

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Very nice new banner. Have fun with all the work you're doing on your shop! It will pay off in the long run!