Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where did the Summer go?

Well, it's September 17, 2008. I'm two months away from my jewelry business's six year anniversary of it's first sale. I have taken these last few weeks to look back over where I have been with this business. Times are tough, economically, but the business has grown. Now, it hasn't shot up like a bean in the summer heat, but it's been getting progressively better. We did public shows this year for the first time, and granted, not much was made, but we did cover our table fees and we sold a few pieces, including a few that I thought I would never see leave. So all in all, we are getting there. Hopefully, the next sale season will be better. I know that everyone who sells jewelry is going "Wait! Christmas hasn't come yet; the sale season isn't over!" No, it's not completely over, but for me, it's closing out. I'll still make a couple of sales between now and Christmas, but with the pregnancy and things that need to be handled at home, I'm not catapulting myself into a busy Christmas season. This year needs to be a quiet one.
And since it has been decently quiet, I have been working on my website. I will still be using Etsy, but my pieces will also be available on my website to be bought. I'm having to move slowly on my website though. Mostly because I've not quite decided what color theme to use. I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible, but it needs some design flair to it. I'm also still waiting on that sunny weekend to take pictures. It's done nothing but rain in Kinston for the past month.
Since I have been pregnant, I have pretty much stopped making pieces for the present time. My energy levels have crashed out, so I'm usually collapsing by the time I get home, or I just do the paperwork part of the business; whichever one my brain can handle after a long day of work. I will pick back up with weaving my little rings soon though. Just have to wait for my brain to come back and for my energy to return as well.
Since we will have a little one in the house as of sometime in March, we are having to work on a storage plan that will keep his/her little fingers out of my rings. We still haven't figured one out yet, but if we are blessed with the gift of moving before the baby arrives, I'll make sure we put a lock on my studio door. At least that will keep the kid and the animals out.
For the time being, I must get back to work here at my day job. We are currently at a standstill when it comes to distributing the tests here at the Early Math Placement Testing Center, but we are plugging through all the little jobs that we have had to put on the back-burner since last year. Toodles, and I'll post soon.