Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Moving Forward . . .

Christmas break from work was a lot shorter than I wanted it to be. I had a serious bout with morning sickness during the first two days of the break, so I was unable to get a lot done. I mostly just slept on those days.

However, once I started to feel better, I did get a few things handled. I went ahead and removed all the non-chainmaille and non-wirewrapped pieces from my Etsy site. It's looking a little empty right now because there are only 15 items still listed, but there are a few pieces in line to be photographed and listed. I also started disassembling the pieces that I removed from my selling list. It's taking me a little while on those because there was just so much. I'm already back at work from Christmas break, and a lot of the pieces still have not been taken apart, but I am getting there on them. I do have Thursday and Friday off, so I may get a little bit done.

I also have to relocate my camera before I can take new photos. I pulled it out of the drawer so I would see it and be reminded that I needed to take photos, but it got moved by someone (probably was me) and now I can't find it. It could very possibly be buried under any of the mounds of paper I have sitting around the room that need to be filed. My computer room is a fire hazard at the moment.

Just being in the process of revamping my business, reorganizing my business files, and changing my setup with very little time to get it done is starting to get a bit overwhelming. It will get done, though. Just eventually . . .

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Boutique By Bonnie said...

I just want to say your black and white blog is visually stunning. Good job!