Friday, December 19, 2008

Bringing in a Brand New Look...

So, my husband and I have been doing a lot of talking about my jewelry business lately. Okay, I've been doing the talking. He's been doing the "uh huh"ing and the "whatever you want to do, baby"ing. I've decided that I am going to focus my jewelry solely on one type for several reasons.

First and foremost, I love making chainmaille jewelry. Even the simplest weave looks amazingly intricate and beautiful, and for me, a beautiful piece makes me feel like I've made something completely special and unique. Also, I have a thousand little jump rings in every size, shape, and color in containers all over my computer room that I really want to do something with.

Secondly, since we are discussing moving again, I may be short on space in the new place. I really don't want to have to keep up with 16 large boxes of beads and gemstones. I'll keep some of the gemstones because I can frame them with a nice half persian weave and make a brooch or pendant out of them. But I think I'm going to go through and make sure there are no broken glass pieces in the glass beads, then sell them as supplies. I have moved some of them several times as we migrate from house to house, and I'm quite tired of having to move all of them. It's just so much easier to store jump rings for chainmaille. Any container that doesn't have holes and has a tight fitting lid can work as a canister to hold the rings, and if they stack, that's a plus!

And lastly, the beaded jewelry market is so oversaturated right now. On every one of my online venues, there is like one chainmaille seller to every 20+ beaded jewelry seller. I just think I would do better in the chainmaille market.

We are planning to bring this new look in on New Years' Day. I only have 4 days off for Christmas and I will hopefully feel good enough to get new photographs taken and edited and get everything ready to be listed that is chainmaille. Then on New Years' Day, I can remove all the non-chainmaille/wireworked pieces from my online venues and list all the new chainmaille pieces.

I'll use Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend to get all the glass beads listed as supplies. They aren't a major part of my store because once they are gone, they are gone, so I'm not really wanting to urgently get them listed. They will be listed though. Just have to go through them all first to make sure they aren't cracked or broken in any way.

Those are our plans. I'm really excited about them, and Sam seems to be as well. More to come soon!!

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