Monday, May 5, 2008

Countdown: 12 Days

Twelve more days until my Spring 2008 jewelry show. I actually feel ready, which is a first for me. I have a few more things I need to get handled, but they won't take me long to get done. I have to finish making my new jewelry cards, and then I have to recard all my old stuff since the price of gold and silver have gone up since my last show. I hate having to reprice, but sometimes, it has to be done. Once I get all the old stuff recarded, I can focus on making up my last few new items, cleaning them, and getting them on cards. My goal is to have everything ready for the show and packed by next Wednesday night. Thursday night is okay, but I really want to just load the car Saturday before the show and drive down. No panic. Just going to go have (hopefully) a day of good sales.

And on an even better note, I have SO many new things to share with everyone. All of my new items are in queue for cleaning then photographs, but I'll add the new pictures as soon as I get them taken. Also, almost all my new items will be available on Etsy after the show. If something sells out there, it will not be available (sorry!), but all items left over after the show will be listed on Etsy for purchase.

Other than that, I must get back to my day job. I'll post again soon with an update as we countdown to our opening show of the season!


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