Monday, April 14, 2008

Countdown: 33 Days

Today marks thirty-three days until my May 2008 jewelry show. I still have a lot to do, but I am ahead of the game, for the most part. Invitations go out on Friday afternoon to everyone that I have an address for, and I'll campus mail the ones that are here at East Carolina University with me. The rest, I can hand deliver.

Beyond that, I just have a few more pieces to make, clean all the new pieces, card and tag my stock and set up my table layouts. I hope I have enough. I've been working my tail off on new jewelry, but I really don't think it'll cover as many tables as I had originally planned. I also haven't made a single necklace yet, and only a couple of bracelets, so I need to get my act together and get to making them.

I also need to coil some more rings. I've used a large portion of my stock, but haven't cut or coiled anymore in a while. If I am going to keep making pieces, I have to make more.

I have, however, used up a lot of my discontinued beads. I've been collecting beads since I was almost 10 years old, so I had a huge collection of four to five beads sitting everywhere. They made some right pretty pieces this year. I hope everyone that comes likes them.

But for now, I'm off the computer. Have two more hours of my dayjob, then I can go home and create more jewelry.

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