Friday, March 28, 2008

Setting Up My Show....

My show is only a few weeks away now. I've made a few new pieces, and I've designed my invitations. (I will be printing them this weekend and addressing them.) I will be working more in the next few weeks to hopefully double my inventory, but today, I have been working on my table and room layouts.

Since this is a private show (for my jewelry only), I have the full run of the room. The Fellowship Hall has over 20 tables that are available for use. My goal is to have enough to use 12 of them. My layout calls for 15, but I can adjust it for fewer tables without many problems.

Last year, I set everything up on the table with it all organized by item number. All of EA1 were together, all of N3 were together, and so forth. I think that this year, I may spread everything out a little bit and group pieces together that would compliment each other as a set. (IE, EA4, N12, and B22 are all in yellow tones and will compliment each other nicely; they are all laid out together on the table.)

I also used like two displays last year, which really threw the balance of my tables off. Since I do not have the spare cash this year to toss into displays at the moment, and since I do not have the time to make my own, I will probably just do away with them. I'll either just keep the layouts flat, which isn't really the best, but it's easiest on my time contraints, or I'll see if I can find some styrofoam or build some tiers from boxes to give my tables some layers. I can cover the styrofoam or boxes up with fabric or tableclothes. I may just keep it to flat layout this show and work on the tiers for my show in late October/early November.

I'm also going to box up everything per table into one box this year instead of sorting it all out when I get there this time. (I was in a rushed state last year.) I have several mid-sized boxes that I can label and fill with all the jewelry for one table, the tablecloth, and then the table layout sheet on top, so that whomever is helping me set up said table knows exactly what needs to go where and it's in the order of how it needs to be placed on the table (IE, tablecloth on table first, so it's at the top of the box.)

My first table will probably be where I layout my bags, business cards, promos, etc. Then the rest of the tables will hopefully be loaded with jewelry.

Sam will be there, I know, so he'll be able to help me set up the tables, rearrange them as I need them, and layout everything. Hopefully, my dad will be there this year to run the till and keep track of what is sold and who bought it, and all that mailing list stuff. He's good at that kind of thing. My mom will probably help with the setup again like last year, then "meet and greet."

All in all, I hope that it goes smoothly. Last year, I was in a slight panic on the day of because there was a rescheduled football game that day in town, and it was a big one. Almost no one showed up, but the few that did, bought a lot, so it balanced out. Hoping this show will be better though.


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